Software Field Manual Framework eBook

Software Field Manual Framework eBook

Software Field Manual Framework eBook

Are you one of these people?

  •  An entrepreneur considering starting your own tech, software or SaaS business.
  • A startup company making less than $5 million in annual recurring revenue and facing the challenges of increased overhead, process overwhelm, or a hodgepodge of disconnected systems, teams and processes.
  • An intrapreneur wanting to start a new software project inside your current company.
  • Senior leadership considering building a new product to solve a problem in your own company or selling a product to solve a problem in your industry.

If one of the above descriptions fits your current situation then this ebook was specifically written for you. I’ve spent the the past 20 years consulting with businesses and entrepreneurs who have developed (or failed) and creating their own products and I can say with 100% (that’s right I said 100%) certaintanty that the journey you’re about to embark on is not as simple as you might think. Without a sufficient roadmap you can easily spend over a million dollars and still not have the product you always dreamed of.

The intention of this ebook is two fold:

  1. Give you a roadmap to successfully reach your destination which is to build and launch a tech, mobile, software, or SaaS startup.
  2. Give you enough context to realize you’re not ready for the journey…now or maybe never.

After helping hundreds of companies and realizing that many of them needed nearly the exact same advice I created a framework to help entrepreneurs and business owners quantify just how much work goes into starting and running a startup.

It will only take you an afternoon to read and could literally save you a million dollars and/or years of frustration.

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