How To Start A Tech Company
…and Not Die Trying

is a free video course that reveals the “unknown unknowns” of launching a tech startup.

The lessons in this course have saved founders
hundreds of thousands of dollars in wasted money, energy and time.


Presented by Gv Freeman

Author of the Product Founder’s Journey Framework

In this training you’ll discover…


Top 10 Things You Should Know Before Turning Your Passion Into a Product

In this training you’ll learn ten of the most important things when probably didn’t know when you start your own company and build your own technology product.  


Self-Care for Entrepreneurs: Putting an End to Struggle Porn

In this training you’ll be introduced to the physical, mental and emotional hazards of starting your own company and practical ways to reduce stress and stay healthy during your upcoming journey.


Introduction to the Product Founder's Journey Framework

In this training you’ll be given the only comprehensive and integrated framework on the internet that details each department and component you’ll need to start and run your new tech company.

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Entrepreneur Self-Assessment

Some people are built to be founders – some people have to work harder at it. The level of risk and the style of reward you will receive from running your own company is very different than working for someone else. I’m going to provide you with two self-assessments to help you understand where you’re at in your journey.


How To Start A Tech Company Checklist

This checklist exposes 80% of the items you will need to complete to launch your startup. I’d love to say 100% but I’m warning you right now that as a founder you’re literally singing up for surprises and challenges. That last 20% will be full of them. 

Founder Self-Care Assessment

Launching a startup is hard work and it’s going to be challenging in many different ways. Being the smartest kid in class is helpful but it’s not going to get you through the hard times. That’s why I’ve build self-care right into the training. This assessment will help you understand your leavel of readiness from a mind, body & spirit perspective.   

What Others Are Saying

Gv’s workshop was fantastic! Not only did it help our founders, but it came at just the right time for me as well. The workshop was incredibly informative and interactive. There’s not many people who can deliver this type of content to a group of highly technical founders but Gv’s understanding of both technical and self-care elements makes this very pertinent to a community that desperately needs more compassion and self-care.

~ Justine Marchand, Program Manager

In the Startup Bootcamp we organized at TechHub Bucharest, we needed someone that could introduce first-time founders to what building a tech startup is all about. Gv not only achieved this in a 1-day workshop (I mean really, how do you condense all the knowledge you need to be aware of when starting a company…), but he did it in a way that demonstrated he has extensive startup experience and that he is a master trainer.

~ Liviu Cadariu, Event Manager 

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