Just The Beginning…

Since June 1st of this year a truly childlike quality, the likes of which I haven’t felt in years, has overtaken me. Having just wrapped up one of the most difficult and challenging years of my professional career, in mid-May I had the amazing opportunity to spend a few days doing some deep spiritual work in Zion National Park assisted by a few amazing people, Mother Nature, and some Peruvian plant medicine. Right after I returned to St. Louis, stepping into a brand new job – one I imagined would be rather straight forward and give me an minute to rest my weary bones. That is the farthest thing from what actually happened. Instead of coasting into the sales and marketing gig I signed up for, on my third day I was asked to step into a managing director role for a brand new SaaS product that desperately needed some TLC.

What followed over the next thirty days was a deep dive into what had been built (mostly technology) and all the things that had yet to see the light of day (everything business related); the latter list was far greater than the former. About half-way through my analysis I had a revelation. The questions I was answering and suggestions I was making for this company were the exact same ones I had been answering for the past twenty years. And for at least the past seven of those I have continually asked (sometimes overtly sometimes not) founders, entrepreneurs, and experienced CEOs the same question, “How did it get this bad?” and rarely does a truly coherent answer ever emerge; a condition I would categorize as Founder Syndrome (more on that in later posts).

A Project Is Born

I had already developed a comprehensive operational framework for SaaS companies but it hadn’t ever seen the light of day. But now, after writing the 15th page of my 30 page analysis inspiration struck me. I needed to answer these questions for more people to see. They needed to be laid out in an understandable coherent way with a logical beginning, middle, and end; a path to follow, a blueprint to build from. Something that would empower entrepreneurs to not make the same mistakes again and again. Something to clear away the mystery around SaaS best practices and organizational structure. Not too deep, but not too shallow…just enough to make sense. I wanted to be the general contractor and let the experts add all their electrical, plumbing and HVAC services to build a strong foundation. Add to that a clear focus on the tactical and operational aspects of the SaaS world (rather than the high-level ramblings offered by most technology conferences and LinkedIn posts) and that’s how the SaaS Field Manual was born.

The past two months have been the happiest and most fulfilled I have felt in years – no truly – I literally mean at least three years! I have cleared space in my life, my house, my office, my brain, and everywhere else I could think of to make room for this project. I have committed to working an extra day of the week to manifest this opportunity. Because an opportunity it truly is; I can feel it from the tips of my toes to my crown chakra. This project has to happen because there are thousands of people who desperately need it.

Business + Consciousness

While a book was the original mechanism to share this blueprint so many fun opportunities have sprouted right in front of my eyes; most notably a new podcast series which I’ll begin recording this coming weekend. I’m reaching out to my worldwide network to put you, the readers and listeners, in touch with some of the smartest, most trusted advisers I know. This not only includes people from the business world but also experts in the physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional bodies as well. I’m devoting a portion of this project to what I believe is the most important department in a SaaS company; the Self-Care department. Because if you’re not healthy your company isn’t healthy either.

The outline of the book is 90% complete and being reviewed by a number of smart people (if you’d like to help with that please let me know). The current guest list for the podcast is 45 experts and growing. The SaaS Field Manual Studio is ready to go, a brand new logo is in the works, and the application for 501(c)3 status has already begun. The universe is speaking shouting loud and clear and this is exactly what I’m supposed to be doing right now. So join me! Sign up for the newsletter or reach out if you’d like to help. This is just the beginning!

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